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David Obey not seeking reelection.

Upon entering midterm elections David Obey, one of Washington’s most powerful congressmen, is not running for reelection. Almost fifty years on Capitol Hill is probably more than enough politics for anyone and with stiff Republican competition on the rise in his home state of Wisconsin Obey is choosing to retire.

Neo-conservative journalists would have us all believe that he is retiring out of fear and the possible embarrassment of losing an election after almost fifty years on the hill and this may be the case, but a red coup in congress is what all Neo-Cons are after and any slight indication that an overthrow is on the horizon is fuel to mud-sling and ridicule any Democrat coming out of or into office.

With the rise of the Tea Party movement and shout media people will find it harder and harder to dig through the haze of manufactured news and what is.

I have a hard time trying to discern the different realities displayed on cable news. Is America really coming to an end or is Cable News and political fanaticism making false claims and unattainable promises? I encourage everyone to keep an open mind and to not be swayed by any News Anchor, radio host, or Author including this one.

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