Lawrence Taylor (LT) Arrested, Taylor’s Lawyer Speaks (Video)

lawrence taylor arrested attorneyLawrence Taylor (LT) Arrested, Taylor’s Lawyer Speaks (Video)

As we wrote earlier, Lawrence Taylor was arrested early this morning in a Holiday Inn hotel room and accused with 3rd degree rape of a 16 year old girl. These allegations stem from the 16 year old girl who allegedly sent a text message to someone about where she was, what happened, and who she just had sex with.

The video below is Lawrence Taylor’s hired attorney who is already grand standing and setting the stage for a full battle against every single charged leveraged against Lawrence Taylor.

Here is Lawrence Taylor’s defense attorney talking to the press:


This case does not look good for Lawrence Taylor. The 16 year old girl was held against her will, forced to go the hotel where Lawrence Taylor was, forced to have sex with Lawrence Taylor, and then as she was leaving the Holiday Inn, sent a flurry of text messages about what had just happened to her.

Lawrence Taylor was arrested at approximately 4pm at the Holiday Inn and authorities say that LT was coorperative. Later, Lawrence Taylor was released on $75,000 bail and will appear in court on Thursday.

The rumor out now is that Lawrence Taylor’s wife might appear on Larry King Live tonight.

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