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Iron Man 2 – Live Twitter Movie Reviews

iron man 2 live twitter streamIron Man 2 – Live Twitter Movie Reviews

Iron Man 2 has hit the big screen tonight and people are jamming into the theaters – 3D cinemas – and IMAX cinemas to get their taste of the new Iron Man 2 movie.

The best place to get feedback and thoughts on any new release movie is Twitter of course. People are literally tweeting on their way to the movies, while they are sitting in the theater waiting for the movie to start, and literally why the movie is rolling (aren’t you suppose to have your cell phones off?).

Anyway, Twitter is the simply the best source for live movie reviews and feedback and with Iron Man 2 opening – and in fact getting ready to play – people are crowding into theaters as I’m writing this article.

People are already reporting via Twitter that the movie theaters are jammed packed with people anxious to see Iron Man 2.

Here’s the live Twitter stream of Iron Man 2 movie reviews:

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