Victoria Beckham, ‘World’s Most Glamorous Celeb,’ On Having a Fourth Child

Victoria Beckham, ‘World’s Most Glamorous Celeb’, Wants to Wait On Having a Fourth Child.

Well, maybe subscribing to celebrity gossip has its good points

Max Factor’s – “World’s Most Glamorous Celeb” – says that she would rather wait on having a fourth child so that she could continue her “fashion career”.

The fashion goddess and her soccer star hubby, David Beckham, are reportedly at odds over whether to have a fourth child. Beckham, the world’s highest-paid soccer player, would like to try for a girl this time.  (Hope he knows that the gender depends upon him and not her.)   They already have three boys, between the ages of 5 and 11.

The 36-year-old – former Spice Girl said, “I think one day, if we’re blessed to have more children, it would be amazing.”  “It’s a lot having three boys. So, we’re just enjoying the boys at the moment. But who knows, one day?”

(Information by Showbiz Spy)

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