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General Electric: GSD2400NWW Dishwasher

General Electric: GSD2400NWW Dishwasher

Someone once asked me if I would ever consider purchasing a “used” dishwasher.  I told them that purchasing a “used” dishwasher is like using someone else’s toothbrush.  (Sorry to the used appliance dealers.) With the relatively low cost of many of the dishwashers being sold today, buying used is stretching it.

What do we really want in a dishwasher?  We want it to “wash” dishes.  My parents purchased the first dishwasher on our street in Southeast Atlanta, an RCA Whirlpool top-loader, and it wouldn’t even do that.  You had to clean the dishes first and then wash them in the unit.  Today’s dishwashers do a much better job than back then.

But do you really need “bells and whistles” with a dishwasher.  It depends on the dishwasher, and you (If your meals consist of a lot of gravies and sauces then they might be advisable to include).

The GSD2400NWW is not a “bells and whistles” dishwasher.  It is built to wash dishes, not ring and whistle.  But, let me warn you.  Even if it doesn’t “ring and whistle” is does make noises.  One of the major complaints about this unit is the amount of noise that it makes… but again, you purchase dishwashers to wash dishes.

It is considered by many to be a “builder’s grade” dishwasher because it is “Loud, one wash level (with center spray tower), very few cycle options.”  If you load this dishwasher properly it will do a fairly good job of washing your dishes.  Also, make sure your water temp is sufficiently hot enough to loosen the grime.

Some of the complaints are that it has a poor rack design causing it to not allow as many dishes as you would like.  Of course, with the center tower design, you are limited to sizes of pots and pans on the bottom rack.  It is considered a good machine for an apartment or an inexpensive kitchen remodel.

Most customers give it a rating of 2 out of a possible 5 stars.  It’s main “good” points is that it does clean fairly well, and its relatively low cost.

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