Dallas Braden Throws A Perfect Game (No Hitter), Oakland Athletics (Video)

dallas braden throws perfect game oakland athleticsDallas Braden Throws A Perfect Game (No Hitter), Oakland Athletics (Video)

Dallas Braden, pitcher for the Oakland Athletics, just threw a perfect game – no hits for the entire 9 innings – in a 4-0 victory for┬áthe Oakland Athletics over the Tampa Bay Rays.

The video below shows the last 3 outs in the 9th inning of Dallas Braden finishing out his perfect game – something that, for a pitcher in the Major League Baseball, is unprecedented.

You could tell the Oakland Athletic fans were growing anxious and nervous as Dallas Braden was getting closer to throwing his perfect game. The last three outs – as you can see in the video below – were not easy outs by any means. All three of the outs came from hits, fly balls and hard grounders. However, each time, the defensive players from the Oakland Athletics were able to pull threw for Dallas Braden and complete the play and get the out – the exact outs Dallas Braden needed to throw his perfect game on May 9th.

Here’s Dallas Braden throwing his last 3 outs of his perfect game:

The fans, and the Oakland Athletics, go crazy

As soon as the last short stop for the Oakland Athletics threw the last batter out of the 9th inning, and closed out the perfect game for Dallas Braden, you could see the Oakland fans going crazy. The players from the Oakland Athletics rushed the mound where Dallas Braden was and started the typical dog pile in celebration for his amazing accomplishment.

So what did you think?

So what are your thoughts on Dallas Braden throwing a perfect game today, May 9th?

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