Justin Bieber Recording New Album in New York?

Justin Bieber Recording New Album in New York?

justin bieber new album recording

Rumors are that Justin Bieber is currently in New York recording his next album. The pop star sensation has been busy traveling the world reaching out the fans and giving his fans exactly what they are looking for in his music, style, and performance.

Justin Bieber has also been busy giving a flurry of interviews throughout the world as everyone is trying to get their particular publication noticed simply by conducting an interview with Justin Bieber – I guess these publications figure that if they could only get their brand name associated with Justin Bieber, then the publication will take off.

Justin Bieber’s New Album?

So along with everything else this young kid is doing, rumors are that he is back in the recording studio in New York City recording his 2nd album.

According to, there are legal papers that have been uncovered that indicate Justin Bieber is in the recording studio working on his next album – here’s what they say has been uncovered – the papers read like this: “Justin is providing his services as a recording artist in recording studios located in New York City. The foregoing services rendered by the minor shall not, however, require excessive time as to interfere with the minor’s education and welfare.” They also report that Justin recently revealed that he’s going through puberty changes with his voice,and can’t hit some of the notes he used to.

What do you think?

So what do you think – do you think that Justin Bieber is really in New York City recording his 2nd album?

If so, how long do you think before we’ll see his album available for purchase?

And when it does come available, how many seconds will it take you to make the purchase off iTunes?

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