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Justin Bieber, Kim Kardashian, Ryan Seacrest Thank Moms via Twitter

Justin Bieber, Kim Kardashian, Ryan Seacrest Thank Moms via Twitter

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Celebrities took to Twitter today (wow… lot’s of T’s there) to wish all the moms out there a special, and happy Mother’s Day. Twitter is such a great platform that allows celebrities and high profile individuals to community directly with their fan base, instantly and securely, and allows these celebrities to show – even if for a moment – that they are in fact human and care about everyday type things.

Mother’s Day has been a great day for so many moms throughout the United States – and rightly so. This is such a great day to take a moment and thank the moms out there that have sacrificed so much, and given so selflessly to raising their children.

Here are some celebrities that took to Twitter today to thank their moms, and the moms throughout the United States:

Justin Bieber: “Good morning and happy Mother’s Day to all the Mamas out there. I love you @studiomama . thank you for everything u do. Happy Mother’s Day”

Kate Perry: “Happy mothers day mom! You’re the cat’s meow!”

Kris Allen: “Happy mothers day to all the moms especially @allen_kimberly. And @adamlambert likewise.”

Adam Lambert: “Happy Mothers Day!”

Hayley Williams (Paramore): “Happy mom’s day to all the moms out there and thank you for everybody.”

Kim Kardashian: “Happy Mother’s Day to all of the mom’s out there! I love you mommy, thank you for everything u do for us!”

Kourtney Kardashian: “Happy Mother’s Day!”

Khloe Kardashian: “Happy Mother’s Day to the most amazing mom in the world!!!!!!” and “To @kourtneykardash on her FIRST Mother’s Day…”

Yoko Ono: “» MY MOMMY IS BEAUTIFUL by Yoko Ono″

Ellen DeGeneres: “Happy Mother’s Day, Mama. I love ya.″

Ryan Seacrest: “Happy mother’s day to all the moms especially mine, connie xo”

P. Diddy: “Happy mothers day to all the BEAUTIFUL MOTHER QUEENS!!!! We Thank God for you! 4 if not you there would be no we!!!”

Lance Armstrong: “Happy Mothers Day to all the moms!!”

Tony Hawk: “Call your mom… after she wakes up.”

Martha Stewart: “today is clear,cool,windy and gorgeous- happy mother’s day to every mother out there and hey dont forget to call home to mother today!!!!!!!”

SouljaBoy: “Dear mom, Happy Mothers Day! I love you with all my heart, through the good & the bad i’ll always be here for you. Love always, your son Dre”

Pete Wentz: “Mothers seem to be of the most important beings on the planet. I see it all the time. Happy mothers day.”

Mandy Moore: “here’s hoping that all moms are being celebrated on their big day. happy mother’s day!! xo”

Mariah Carey: “Happy Mother’s Day to my Mother and all the Moms out there! Have a Blessed day!”

Lady Gaga: “Thank you for all my mother’s day wishes little monsters! You make me so happy, I am so blessed and grateful to have u in my life. I love u!”

Travis Barker: “Happy Mother’s Day to all the great Moms out there. My MOM was amazing, never seen anything like her since. Miss her like crazy, been 21 yrs” and “Damn this day is a hard one for me , have a great day….signing out . Mom, love & miss you.”

Perez Hilton: Happy mother’s day!!! How amazing was #BettyWhite on Saturday Night Live? Muffins for everyone!

Diablo Cody: “I usually hit @SixFlags on Mother’s Day, since the lines are always light. No coasters for me and my big belly this year.”

Anderson Cooper: “Happy Mothers Day. Share your thoughts on this great blog post by @NiaVardalos”

Joel Madden: “Happy Mothers Day to all the mothers in my life. I’m one lucky dude to have you taking care of me and my kids!!! Love, Joel.”


Whitney Port: “To my mom on Mother’s Day… xoxoxo”

Denise Richards: “Happy Mother’s Day to all you moms! bittersweet without my mom ..but I’ll have a great day with my girls!! mom I love you and miss you….”

Tyrese Gibson: “Thank you Mommy for Humping Daddy and creating the Darkest man with white teeth in Watts!!.. #HMothersD”

Joy Behar: “They say if you get a good mother, you’ve won the lottery. Happy mother’s day.”


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