Sleigh Bells Treats Album

sleigh bellsSleigh Bells Treats Album – “Treats”, produced by Derek Miller with additional engineering by Shane Stone Back, Cochella favorit Sleigh Bells launch new album and will be released on June 1. A duo from Brooklyn comprise of Derek and Alexis Krauss on vocal launch their album on iTunes today. Download and play Sleigh Bells Treats Album before its released next month.

According to CBS about Sleigh Bells

Sleigh Bells has been dubbed one of 2010’s most exciting new discoveries, its performance featuring guitar riffs, massive beats and smooth vocals. It has toured with Major Lazer and Yeasayer and it rocked the three-dayCoachella music festival by drawing a huge fan base to its tent.
“Dance-synth duo Sleigh Bells is basically the biggest thing to happen to the music scene since sliced bread,” according to Paper.

Sleigh Bells Treats Album also available on NPR website.

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