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Warren Buffet – Move Over Cause Here I Come

Warren Buffet – Move Over Cause Here I Come

Warren Buffet might be one of the richest men in the world, but I’ve got news for him.  I just checked my email and it turns out that I am quickly passing him by.

Let’s see.  I have the following accumulated offers of huge sums of money waiting for me.  (I tell you this at the risk of losing it all, because everyone of these emails says that the information is confidential)

I just won the Nokia International Lottery Promotion of  $500,000.00 – If I contact Fed Ex in Nigeria, I can claim my: International Cashier Bank Draft/Cheque, worth sum of $2 Million dollars – International Monetary Fund (WESTERN UNION MONEY TRANSFER in the amount of $750,000.00 USD – Dr. Jomo Tembe, of South Africa Department of Minerals & Energy says that he’ll pay me 25% of a certain large sum of money, if I’ll just help him get it out of the country.

FEDEX EXPRESS COMPANY  in Cotonou Benin Republic by Dr.David Patrick the Director of International Bank COMPANY of Cotonou have the sum of (USD$1,500.000.) in cash – Dear Western Union Customer, You have been awarded with the sum of $50,000 USD – Mr. Andrew Mensah, the Director of Payment in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Ghana the sum of USD $17.540.000.00. The sharing will go like this: 35% for you and 65% for me as I intend to take care of the fees and charges to complete the transaction here in Ghana.

The supreme high court here in Benin and we are asked to contact you by the Benin president on how to send you the ($1,500 000.00)  united state dollars by the diplomatic courier.

And I have been blessed to receive this vast fortune in just today’s emails.

I am glad to hear that not as many relatives have passed away during war times  in these countries, or have not died from terrible auto accidents and plane crashes.  I was getting worried about my family getting smaller every day.  It made me leery of opening some of the email.

All kidding aside, what is really very tragic, is that there are evidently folks out there who will still fall for these scams and release all the “pertinent” information to these scammers – including their bank account numbers.  Even after the government and legal counsel world wide has warned of these tactics as being scams.

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