6th Grader Sings Lady Gaga’s Paparazzi: Michael Chance is YouTube Video Smash

michael chance sings lady gagas papparaziVIDEO: Sixth-grade Cheyenne Middle School student Michael Chance is an instant YouTube rock star. With nearly 9 million hits on his YouTube video, the 12-year old Oklahoma tween is on his way to ousting Susan Boyle for the most popular YouTube music video. Chance  has already been interviewed on Ellen DeGeneres, with more talk shows to come I’m sure.

Check out the video below:

Michael Chance’s teacher, Kelly Cheek claims, “He’s the talk of Cheyenne Middle School. It’s been insane. Our phones have been ringing off the hook. The kids are so excited, we can hardly get them to do anything but talk about Greyson.”

At first I thought, what, another Justin Beiber? Then I watched this video and I was awestruck. This kid is good, really good! Watch 6th grader Michael Chance sing Lady Gaga’s “Paparazzi” and you’ll be blown away too.

Sources and photo screen shot:; entertainment weekly

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