Houston Teacher Beats Student, Caught On Tape (Video)

teacher beats studentHouston Teacher Beats Student, Caught On Tape (Video)

** What you are about to watch is real – not actors – video recorded from a kids cell phone in a class room

This is high school class room footage that you have probably never seen before and probably don’t ever want to see again. A Houston P.E. (physical education) teacher apparently got fed up with a particular child, completely lost her cool, and basically attacked this kid.

Unfortunately for the teacher – and fortunately for the kid – the whole thing was caught on some other kids cell phone right in the class room. I mean really, don’t people realize these days that with the advancement of technology, nothing is exempt from being caught on video and exposed to the world – literally!

The teacher beating this student was all caught on tape and it happened in a Houston-area Charter school. The child, whose name is Isaiah Johnson, says he was watching a video of a mentally challenged person dancing and laughing at it, when the Physical Education teacher started hitting him. The video can be watched below and is quite shocking.

The female teacher grabs the child, pulls him around on the floor and hits him mercilessly, without even caring about the fact that the boy’s classmates were watching her, some of them even laughing. The attack lasted for almost a minute, and the child says it seemed like forever to him.

What’s even worse is that the child says that other teachers came in and watched the P.E. teacher hit him.

Other teachers came in and watched the P.E. teach beating this child – really?

So you mean to tell me that other teachers actually walked into the room and watched / let the P.E. teacher beat on this kid?

What kind of school is this anyway – I mean, is this some kind of militant training facility or something?

This video is ridiculous – and very upsetting to even watch – buy yes, what you are about to what is real, recorded from a kids cell phone in the class room:

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It is very unprofessional for a teacher to do this. She should have let the principal and parents handle the situation. Anyone who agrees with what this teacher did is just as bad as her. Sure the kid needed discipline but that was not her place to do it. She is grown and this was a child.

Tell the story correctly…the boy was teasing a mentally challenged child IN PERSON…not a video.
And unless you have been in that teacher's shoes with children that are a SOCIAL and academic problem which reflects their home life. Now you see what teachers all over have to deal with daily even in a "normal" classroom

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