Samsung Moment is getting Android 2.1

Samsung Moment is getting Android 2.1

All you Samsung Moment owners out their have something to look forward to. According to they have posted a website  with the leaked instructions on how  to update the Samsung Moment to Android 2.1.   The update won’t been done over-the-air. And you will have to connect your phone to your PC & wipe the phone to update it. Although nothing has been announced by sprint.  So tell me have you update your Samsung Moment yet??

Source:Sprint Samsung Moment support.

Josh Uhlemeyer,

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  1. Kevin

    The Update, is great as far as looks go, and it runs fairly smoothly. One thing that I noticed was that I could only connect to the internet when there was a Wi-Fi connection around. I am taking it to sprint today and will see what happens


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