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Candid Camera Prank Facebook – SCAM!

facebook video prank scam
Facebook video scam

Candid Camera Prank Facebook – New Scam application found today at Facebook. This application automaticaly share video titled “Candid Camera Prank! [HQ]” with 3:17 length. This Candid camera prank facebook scam is an application shared video by our friends via Facebook wall with “YOUR NAME, this is without doubt the sexiest video ever! :P :P :P” messages. From the video, K-Multimedia application has created this scam application on Facebook. If you try to open the Candid Camera Prank video, it will direct to another facebook apps called “nadq_sdas” with link (DO NOT OPEN). Please do not open the video if you get wall messages “YOUR NAME, this is without doubt the sexiest video ever! :P :P :P”. This is Facebook Scam!

facebook video scam
Facebook candid camera prank! Hq

I can’t explain the details about this Candid Camera Prank Facebook scam, because I don’t want try to open the application pages. If you already open the apps, please share your story about this Candid Camera Prank Facebook scam, it will help other facebook user to prevent open the apps page. Thanks.

14 replies on “Candid Camera Prank Facebook – SCAM!”

Please shout your comment if you already open the Candid Camera Prank! [HQ]. It would be helpfull for other Facebooker. Thanks.

i only get the posts on my page how do i get rid of the posts? i didnt click into it after the facebook koob i dont want it lol

Ya, this is actually a kind of scam, unfortunately i clicked on that before i could understand the whole story. Well, till now there is not any kind of negative effect on my system coz i immediately scanned my system with malwarebytes anti-malware and it found 3 infected registry entries (Some kind of trojans)… Till now, everything is fine but still to say… the experience was not a nice one :)

Hi guys i hope this could help you in some way!!I found this which seems to be a sort of solution if u have installed this application!!
Go to Account on top right tab bar, Click that and select Application Setting under that and remove access to the app named winamp.I hope this could help u!!!from Italy…Andrew Ciaoooo

well the booty and prank def gave it away i dunno if its posting on others wall but just on mine i wish it would stop my sent box and inbox are messed up i dunno my facebook has it out for me lol. I had to pay at lests 80 bucks to get my laptop wiped out and rid of the virus…facebook kooob . Im just not clicking on anything from now on lol. funny thing is half the time i dont it just sneaks in

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