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Republicans Better Wise Up.

Republicans Better Wise Up.

“I want to be with a party that’s for something instead of against everything.” According to a recent poll, that seems to be the key decision maker aimed toward the November elections.

Democrats hold a 254-177 majority over Republicans in the House, with four vacancies.  Democrats control 59 of the Senate’s 100 seats, with two independents.  If the Republicans want to change those numbers, they need to focus on issues instead of rhetoric.

The Democrats have changed tactics in the wake of recent defeats, and that is swinging the attitudes of many Americans.  Even though the GOP gained political momentum in recent months – and its leaders hope to win control of at least one chamber of Congress this November –  since April many voters are leaning toward  Democrats controlling Congress after this fall’s elections.

The margin is thin – 45 percent to 40 percent preference for a Democratic Congress.  A possible reason – Democrats are doing a better job of convincing the populace they are the party that cares about issues that hit hard on every wallet – whether the facts verify it or not.  The Democrats are taking advantage of reports of improved jobless rates, even though the jobless figures are not convincing of an improvement in joblessness.  (Many of the created jobs in April are temporary government jobs such as the Census count.)

“To the extent that Democrats can focus on job creation rather than health care, they tend to do better,” said Jack Pitney, a political scientist at California’s Claremont McKenna College.  (Associated Press)

Only about a third want their own lawmakers re-elected.  36 percent said they want their own member of Congress to win re-election this fall.

One reason for the reduction in Republican favor is that many within the Republican party (the voters of the party) have begun to become disenchanted with the party leadership.  Their thoughts are that the Republican elite have left the true roots of the party.  Most Republican voters are conservative in thought.

Over the years, especially since the Reagan era, the voters have watched the party-elected “strattle” fences.   Republican voters are beginning to feel cheated – sending elected officials to Washington to represent their conservative beliefs – only to see them waffle on the issues and not make a firm stand.

If the Republican party desires to take back Congress are to come to fruition, the party must begin to listen to their constituents, and make stands on issues with the intent of improvement not argument.

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