Bo Obama: Second Hand Dog

Bo Obama:  Second Hand Dog.

How much would you pay for a Portuguese Water Dog?

Most of the breed runs from $2000 to $3000, if it is of champion bloodline.  The dog values are based on the dog’s bloodlines and whether its parents are Champions (high-quality bloodline), among other factors.

According to financial disclosure forms released by the White House this week, Bo Obama, a Portuguese Water Dog is valued at $1,600.

He was a gift from Ted Kennedy who purchased Bo from the breeder.  Bo had been returned to the breeder, and because he was not purchased as a pup, he wasn’t as valuable.  But there is nothing wrong with him.

“It’s hard to get a puppy from a reputable breeder for $1,600,” says Lisa Wiley, a Portuguese water dog breeder in Bethany, Conn. “I would be wary of any puppy less than that.”

Grown dogs do not demand as much as puppies, unless the dog is of champion bloodline and is purchased for breeding.

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Just because a puppy is high prices, doesn't mean that it comes from a reputable breeder. Bo very clearly came from a good breeder. But if you opt to buy instead of save a life from a shelter, at least do some research and only buy from a good breeder – and they are few and far between.

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