Hawaii Five-O: Book ’em Danno

Hawaii Five-O: Book ’em Danno.

From 1968 to 1980 we watched as Steve McGarrett and his elite group of members of the Hawaii Five-O team battled the mob, foreign spys, and mentally challenged crooks.  It was “his island” and he intended to keep it safe for tourist to come and spend their money, and of course, for the locals.

CBS is reported to be bringing back the popular police drama.  With the original show becoming a cult following, it will be difficult for the network to keep from turning off Five-O junkies.  CBS says that much of the show should transition into present day just fine because a good number of the old episode topics are still relevant to today.

The new series will star Alex O’Loughlin (Moonlight and Three Rivers) as the son of Steve McGarrett. The role of Danny “Danno” Williams will be taken on by actor Scott Caan, son of actor James Caan. Lost’s Daniel Dae Kim is said to be the character of local detective Chin Ho Kelly, originally played by Hawaiian actor Kam Fong Chun.  Battlestar Galactica’s Grace Park will serve as Kono Kalakaua.

Jean Smart, of Designing Women fame, will play Hawaii’s governor.  Hope she doesn’t resurrect the Southern accent.

The pilot for the show is being produced, and there is no definite word from CBS that they will definitely pick it up.  Here’s hoping they do.  If they don’t flood the script with emotional/physical relationships within the ranks, the program will succeed.  That is why Law & Order could continue for 20 seasons.  Except for the mention of past relationships between McCoy and some attorneys, that series kept to the purpose of picturing realistic law and order activities.

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