Matter/Antimatter Puzzle Clue Found

Matter/Antimatter Puzzle Clue Found.

It sounds like something Spock and Scotty might debate about in Star Trek, but this is reality.

Science says that it has come across a clue that could help explain why the universe is comprised of matter and not antimatter.

The New York Times has reported that researchers at The Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory say they have produced pairs of particles called “muons” by generating collisions of protons and anti-protons.  These collisions of protons and anti-protons produce the muons more frequently than they produce anti-muons.

“This result may provide an important input for explaining the matter dominance in our universe,” Guennadi Borissov, a co-leader of the study from England’s Lancaster University, said Friday at the Fermi lab in Batavia, Ill.

By arriving at the answer to “why the universe is comprised of matter and not antimatter,” it could be revealed why we even exist, scientists say.  (Just my thoughts, but I’ve known why we exist since I could read.  I didn’t need an atom smasher.  But who am I to argue with science?)

The researchers say the world’s largest and highest-energy particle accelerator  near Geneva, Switzerland, will help move the research forward.

Joe Lykken, a theorist at Fermilab, agrees the potential for a significant breakthrough in answering why we exist is great.

He goes on to add, “So I would not say that this announcement is the equivalent of seeing the face of God, but it might turn out to be the toe of God,”

Well, the purpose of science is to help us see the glory of God by understanding His creation.  So, if this study succeeds, then we will see that there is more glory in God’s toe than there is in the answer