Google Adwords Search Funnel – A New Adwords Tracking Tool (Video)

Google Adwords Search Funnel – Tracking Adwords Conversions (Video)

google adwords search funnel tool

Google has just launched a new conversion tracking tool for the Google Adwords platform called The Search Funnel Report.

The Search Funnel represents the path (clicks and impressions) that a future visitor has taken prior to visiting your site and becoming a successful sales conversion.  Google is now giving Adwords’ advertisers the ability to analyze both direct, and indirect, search patterns (behaviors) that a customer has followed prior to visiting your site and converting.

The Google Adwords Search Funnel works in conjunction with advertisers who are already implementing conversion tracking or already linked to an active Google Analytics account.

Understanding Customer Behavior

The Search Funnel is such a great feature for online advertisers who use Google Adwords.  Being able to analyze visitor’s searching habits that lead to a successful conversion on your site is critical because you are now able to see what lead that conversion to your site initially, what brought them back, and ultimately what keyword phrase led to a successful conversion.

Here’s an example that Google provided in their announcement:

Direct Relief has an AdWords Grants account. They are generating donations through their gift catalog that will provide humanitarian assistance around the world.

  1. A user searches on “charity greeting cards”. They see Direct Relief’s ad and click on it. A click is registered in Direct Relief’s AdWords account.
  2. Two days later, the same user searches for “unique mother’s day gift ideas” and see another ad by Direct Relief but do not click on the ad. An impression is registered in Direct Relief’s AdWords account.
  3. Finally, four days later, the same user searches one more time but this time for “Direct Relief”, sees their ad, clicks on it, visits the site and makes a purchase from their gift catalog. A conversion is registered.

Here’s a quick video from Google on The Search Funnel for Google Adwords:

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