With Congressmen Like these, who needs enemies?

With Congressmen like these, who needs enemies?

Senators, Congressmen, Governors, and Celebrities – who’s next?

Nikita Khrushchev, the former premier of the USSR, made a provocative statement that seems to be coming to fruition in our country today.  He said that they, Russia, would bury the capitalist and that it would be done without firing a shot.

“You Americans are so gullible. No, you won’t accept Communism outright; but we’ll keep feeding you small doses of Socialism until you will finally wake up and find that you already have Communism. We won’t have to fight you; we’ll so weaken your economy, until you fall like overripe fruit into our hands.” (Excerpts from a speech by Secretary of Agriculture under the Eisenhower Administration, Ezra Taft Benson – attributed to Khrushchev)

The way things are going, it’s not going to be Communism that we have to worry about.  It’s not going to be “socialism” that takes this country down.  It’s going to be “immoral-ism”…

The Republicans are pointing fingers at the Democrats and the Obama Administration for heading the country toward that socialistic government that Khrushchev mentioned.  The war cry of the Republican Party is that we need to get out the vote and replace the current administration and Democratic controlled congress.

The problem is that Republican chances of making a dent in the legislative process is dwindling one Senator/Congressman at a time.  This time it was another Republican leader who could not control his sex drive.  Seems like every time we turn around another Republican is having to resign their position.  Their reason is either publically announced immorality or an obscure reason that they “don’t want to talk about.”

The Democrats aren’t blameless.  They have their congressional failures in controlling their passions.

If the Republicans don’t stop shooting themselves in the foot, they can kiss their chances of party-majority reversal good-bye.  Although not “without sin” most Republican voters are conservative in their politics and their morals.

If the voters begin to feel that those Republicans in office or running for office don’t have the same values and morals that should be exemplified in the public arena – they will look else-where for their candidates.