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Google Wave Open For Everyone – No Google Wave Invite Needed

Google Wave Open For Everyone – No Google Wave Invite Needed

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Google has officially announced that Google Wave is no longer “invite only”, but Google Wave is now available to everyone at the Google Wave platform (

If you recall, last year when Google Wave first launched it was by invite only and even then, only a select number of individuals were receiving the invites. Twitter became a popular marketplace for people to “ask” others if they would send them a Google Wave invite – or asking through their Twitter stream if anyone had a Google Wave invite they would like to send.

The Google Wave launch became very popular on the web as everyone seemed to be talking about it, and mostly people were wondering if Google Wave was going to be the next revolution in Internet technology with it’s live, real time interaction.

Well Google Wave has seemed to sort of sputter out, at least in popularity anyway. And my guess is that because of this “sputtering”, Google is now opening up Google Wave to everyone – no need for an invite any longer.

What do you think about Google Wave?

So what do you think about Google Wave? Have you launched your own Google Wave account yet? Have you experimented with the Google Wave features and functionality?  And do you find Google Wave to be interesting and practical for your needs?

I was one of the “lucky” ones who received a Google Wave invite somewhat early on. I created my Google Wave account and was checking it out, but then I realized that I wasn’t quite sure what to do with it, so I haven’t really touched it since that first day.

I just can’t find any reason to start using Google Wave at the moment.

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