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iPhone 4G Release Date, Is The iPhone 4G Really Overrated?

iPhone 4G – Is The iPhone 4G Overrated?

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It is highly expected that Apple (Steve Jobs) will make the announcement for the iPhone 4G at the WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference) 2010 on June 7th in San Francisco.  The Internet is already buzzing around the iPhone 4G, and the Gizmodo leak last month really contributed to the excitement and conversation around the iPhone 4G.

But is the iPhone 4G really all that?

I’m of the opinion that no, the iPhone 4G is not going to live up to the hype and excitement that is building. ┬áSure, it’s going to be cool to have a new iPhone. I know I was excited when I upgraded from my first generation iPhone to the iPhone 3GS. But with the iPhone 4G coming out, the majority of the excitement around the product has already taken place with the first gen iPhone, the iPhone 3G, and the iPhone 3GS.

The iPhone 4G is, quite simply, an upgraded OS with a video conferencing.

I mean, do you really think we are going to see lines wrapping around buildings to get the iPhone 4G? I don’t think so…

Gizmodo’s Impact on the iPhone 4G

I think that another reason a lot of the potential sales from the iPhone 4G launch were taken away when Gizmodo released the iPhone 4G leak video.

With the world getting a “glimpse” of the iPhone 4G, before Apple has even announced the product, was very damaging to the entire marketing plan. The launch of the iPhone 4G will never be the same after Gizmodo dissected the iPhone 4G and published the results (reviews, images, and videos) on the web.

What do you think about the upcoming iPhone 4G?

So do you think the iPhone 4G is a revolutionary product that will generate the same amount of buzz, excitement, and sales that previous versions have generated?

Or is the iPhone 4G all about evolution and not revolution!?

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personally, i think the leak was intentional, for that exact purpose; to make the hype that much more hyped.

I dont think its revolutionary. It will be my first iPhone and im looking forward to it for that reason.

+1 I also dont think it would be revolutionary but like you it would be my first one too. Or I may finally shift from Windows to Android.

I know I'll be waiting in line this year at the apple store in Southlake, Texas.

then again, I've waited in line every year for the new upgraded iPhone.
but this iphone actually has a new look, it's what makes it so unique and better than the others.
don't forget about it take HD videos and having a BETTER screen and play HD video, if the rumor is true..

I'll be waiting in line. The iPhone is getting more and more exciting each year with each release. The trend of sales is the iPhone is selling more units, more quickly with every release. Sure the iPhone first gen was amazing in 2007 when it came out, but if you look at the 3gs, it outsold the original iPhone by millions and millions of units. To be honest, I was a little dissapointed last year when the 3GS only changed the speed and added compass. I already had video from jailbreaking. ;D. Since last year I have noticed I have gotten more frustrated with my 3g and was considering upgrading, but now that I have seen the iPhone HD I decided to wait. It's not just video conferencing… it also has:


-new a4 processor like in iPad to make it super snappy…clocked @ 1ghz. That's nearly TWICE the 3gs which is approx 600 mghz.
-New design and bigger battery. If you own an iphone you will no doubt be looking for more battery life.
-LED flash.
-Higher resolution screen, apparently highest on the market .. not sure the exact numbers but it is much higher than the 3gs
-Needed camera update from 3 to 5 mp.
-and who knows what other goodies we will get with the release! The iPhone 4/HD os hasn't been shown yet, and it could have other cool features that we haven't seen on the 4.0 os beta's.

*I'm pumped :D.

I'm pumped as well – but it's an upgraded iPhone, not a revolutionary mobile / data device like the first generation iPhone was.

well duh it's not a revolutionary mobile/data device the the first gen iPhone, but how do you expect apple to do that? I mean it's how they make money but updating it every year little by little, having people anticipate it. and if they were to come out with a revolutionary iPhone every year, we would be wayy far in the future by now, technology wise. All in all, it's going to be an amazing phone, worth copping.

I think you have to be the most negative iPhone fan yet, for someone who says they're pumped about it lol
quit being a negative nancy and just join the hype, this is the first negative iPhone 4G post I've seen.

Of course it's not gonna be as revolutionary as the first iPhone.

There could only be one first wheel, it doesn't make the hi tech tires we have today any less superior to the first stone wheel invented.

People expect each new version released every year to be 10 times better than the one released the year before. Sorry to disappoint you, but that's not how technology works.

I agree with every one here so I wont restate the whole non-revolutionary factor, but you know this phone is going to be the phone all other phones are compared with. That's just how it goes, maybe thats a revolution in itself?

Johnny :

I know I’ll be waiting in line this year at the apple store in Southlake, Texas.
then again, I’ve waited in line every year for the new upgraded iPhone.
but this iphone actually has a new look, it’s what makes it so unique and better than the others.
don’t forget about it take HD videos and having a BETTER screen and play HD video, if the rumor is true..

If I have to enter into a new contract in order to get tethering, I might as well get a 4G iPhone. Otherwise, I prefer longer battery life to multi-tasking, and reading books, and custom backgrounds are the only features I will not get on my existing 3G.

i can't wait but alas like everyone else i have to. I'll be standing in line. Bring on the G4!

it will generate even more hype then the others. Apple has always done it big…and guess what there gunna do it big again people went crazy for iphone, 3g and 3gs ipad why would it be any different for the next one. and to above post tethering has been a option for jailbreakers since last summer and i have had multi tasking on my iphone for ages…nothing cool. and custom backgrounds…thats iphone history, winterboard let you do that when it was released years ago. I feel todays non jailbroken iphones are amused by what we knew about or had years ago….apple is trying to catch up eventually it will have to give in and make jailbreaking legit. and not through 3rd party.

0MG i am totally anticipating to get my hands on it & cant believe we have to wait until june 7th:/ it freaking sucks

I like the design well just call it an major improvement that's all, after all it's the 4th generation, it's not the 4g network which was disappointing

Even though I'm a bit disappointed with the new design, but I have to get one because of the great specs and it will be my 1st iphone too…

What are you talking about just having an updated os and vidoe conferencing?What about the camera led flash or the 720p video recording. Or not to mention 512 mb of ram and the latest in processing using apples latest a4 chipset at 1ghz. Sounds like it will be on par with what will be to come for future mobile devices.

I believe we're witnessing the usual "I hate it because: I don't need it but everybody else is excited about it". It happened to me and it happens to everybody. I can tell you why I am excited about this new iPhone. It has a much better processor than the hamster wheel in my 3G. Also multitasking has some useful applications that most of us were looking forward to. And hey…I like eyecandy. I hope that answers part of your question as to why some people are excited about it. Keep in mind that not everybody that will buy a 4G will upgrade from a 3GS. Me included. Gonne be excited about that compass … for an hour or so…but still :)

iphone users are very loyal. that aside, there is not a phone in this world that does the things the iphone can do. the iphone is revolutionary and i feel like people are just upset because of the hype others have about it. For those who claim to hate the iphone, they should hold one and use one for a week and their opinions will change.

after using the iphone everything else seems like a waste of time


On the contrary Charlotte, for a smartphone the iphone is very limited. You can only get apps from the app store, you can’t delve very deep into the core of the os (without jailbreaking, and even then…), you can’t change the UI, you can’t multitask (what iphone os 4 has is suspend state, NOT multitasking), there is no flash, nor will there ever be. The list goes on and on.

And yes, before you say anything, I have used an Iphone before. I currently own a 3g and will be switching to an HTC Evo next month (with android).

The os 4 is mult-tasking not suspended state. In order for an application to continue to run in the background it has to be running, that entails multiple-tAsking. Also flash will be out of date before long. Apples html5 format will be taking over he market soon. Apples refusal to budge, alongside with then flooding the market with countless millions of their mobile devices will inspire, and has inspired the market to adapt to apple. Oh and btw, android is very close replica ofthe iPhone OS. Believe it or not there is not much more that it can do, and none of the android phones work as seemlessly as an iPhone. The fact remains that although the iPhone had less abilities than other smart phones on the market, it still crushes the market. That's because what it does do, it does better than anythig else. Also google and HTC don't put much focus on a single product. They're pumping out new product every month, every model just slightly different from another one.

Only select apps will be able to run in the background, as judged worthy of apple. Others will be kept in a memory suspend state. Flash may grow out of use eventually, but right now, and for AT LEAST the next five years, it is the mainstay for rich multimedia content on the web. Also Html 5 is not a format, nor was it created by apple. it has potential but is currently not widely enough adopted, nor can it provide the same level of content that flash can currently provide. And the fact that you said that android is a close replica of the Iphone OS shows how little you really know about OS's. android is based off of linux, whereas Iphone os is loosely based off of osx. Furthermore you can do infinitely more with an android phone than an iphone. It is impossible to even go into an iphones filesystem without jailbraking and ssh'ing into the phone through a desktop computer. With android it is freely avalable to those who wish to utilize it.

(continued from my previous post) I will not argue that what the iphone has is very polished, but it is far to limiting for someone who actually knows how to use computers and phones. The iphone coddles a user, not allowing them to fully customize their own phone or play outside the closed itunes app ecosystem. Also I find it surprising that you state that every HTC model is only slightly different, thus inferring that iphone models are always a huge change. The iphone hasn't really changed much since it's first inception, other than a modest bump in specs every update. Same goes for the OS, it is pretty much the same as it was since the 3G came out, with each new addition adding only minor updates that should have been there from day one.

I really do not like the design of the coming iPhone4G….i would rather stay with the actual design. Hope the story about having this model of iPhone 4G is not true and Apple will come with something new or keep the same design. I believe that the new iPhone could have the same design as iPad

You just got your 3gs so if course you have new iPhone envy…for us with the 3g the new iPhone WILL be revolutionary.


you realize your iPhone is 2 years old with outdated technology? It cannot be compared to the new android phone tech wise… I'm guessing the 4g will catch up quite handily

not really, specs wise the new iphone will have a 1ghz a4 proc, 512ram, 5mp camera, 1.3 front, roughly 3.5in lcd screen with wvga res. all of these specs are already matched or surpassed by the evo 4g and many other current high end smartphones. and yes i realize that my phone is 2 years old, though i have used a friend's 3gs. My argument was not that my phone would be the same as the new iphone hardwarewise, it was that it would be the same software wise. Very little has changed between iphone os 2 and iphone os 4.

I get your point… I guess a lot depends on the new OS. As for myself, you can nickname me "lemming" ready to jump off the iPhone cliffs

Is this article a joke? Apple can sell the Apple IIE again and lines will be wrapped around the store. You've clearly done no research on this 4G phone prior to writing this article.

Apple has never failed to create the hype…

In fact, the leak may be done deliberately to create the hype..

Not revolutionary at all, but people will be waiting in long lines once again for the 4G. Geeks are just addicted to new tech and want the new stuff first. I get that.

This year I decided to ditch my iPhone (ducks and takes cover) for Android (Nexus One) and love it. It is missing some apps (GRINDR, Pocket Tunes for Howard Stern), but overall, im happier with Android than I ever was with the iPhone. I dont think Apple can win me back unless they deliver something so mindblowing, I just gotta have it….but doubt it. Those days are gone.

Ditched my iPhone for the beautiful HTC HD2, am happy as can be! Can't wait for Windows Mobile 7 but will definately be eyeballing the iPhone 4g :>

phone 4G? haha sprint is coming out with theres the same day apple will be announcing this phone funny how all of yall speak so highly of this 4G

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