Lance Armstrong Crash – Video, Photos of Lance Armstrong Crash

Lance Armstrong Crash – Video, Photos of Lance Armstrong Crash

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Lance Armstrong Doping Accusations

The last 24 hours have been quite a roller coaster for Lance Armstrong. Lance Armstrong started the day out by facing accusations from former teammate Floyd Landis that Lance Armstrong uses dope (performance enhancing drugs).

And once again, during a meeting with reporters, Lance Armstrong was having to defend his position that he’s always taken on the issue of using performance enhancing drugs – I’ve never used them – periord!

Lance Armstrong Crash

Then later in the day, while Lance Armstrong was among a pack of riders racing in the Tour of California, he had a terrible crash.

A spokesman told the AP that Armstrong received stitches near an elbow and an eye and was sent to the hospital for X-rays. The timing of his crash raises the question: was Armstrong karmically punished for (possibly) using performance-enhancing drugs? asked

Here are Lance Armstrong crash photos and video from a fan’s view:

lance armstrong crash 61

lance armstrong crash 5

lance armstrong crash 4

lance armstrong crash 3

lance armstrong crash 2

lance armstrong crash 1

Lance Armstrong Crash Video:

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i guess its karma if someone gets in a wreck these days…maybe everyone that gets hit by an intoxicated driver is just getting whats been coming towards them i guess we should just throw out the rules of reality when someone gets in an accident especially when they ride bicycles all day I mean its clearly an act of karma when something crazy like that happens

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