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Google I/O 2010 Q&A

io2010logoIf you happened to not be able to go to the Google I/O conference and just watched it live on You Tube, then you missed the Q&A session with the Android Leadership Team. During the Q&A a lot of good questions where asked about Android 2.2 & pervious version of Android. The panel from left to right Andy Rubin VP of Engineering & Founder, Mario Queiroz VP of Product Management, Hiroshi Lockheimer Director of Engineering & Vic Gundotra VP of Engineering.  During the Q&A VP of Engineering & Founder. Andy Rubin did address the fragmentation of the different Android versions, which he stated that fragmentation was the wrong word and called the various versions of Android a legacy. The audio is a little hard to hear during some parts for the Q&A.

Source: Phandroid

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