iPhone 4G Release Date, Is ‘iPhone 4G’ Misleading?

iPhone 4G Release Date, Is ‘iPhone 4G’ Misleading?

Everyone is talking about the coming 4G revolution. A new, faster, more efficient mobile web browsing experience. There are quite a few videos on YouTube that show people testing the 4G mobile web browsing speed and from the looks of things, 4G will give you about a 2.5 mega byte download speed – not bad for browsing from your phone.

Is Apple misleading with their use of ‘4G’ language?

I wrote an article the other day about the upcoming Sprint HTC EVO 4G mobile phone that will be powered by Android. The HTC EVO is supposedly going to be the first legitimate 4G mobile phone in the United States. And when Sprint uses the term ‘4G’ – they are actually referring to the speed of the mobile web browser.

Apple is fully expected to announce the iPhone 4G on June 7th at the WWDC2010 conference in San Francisco. This venue has been used by Apple to announce every other iPhone launch, so it makes sense it would be used this year to announce the new iPhone 4G.

But when Apple says “iPhone 4G”, what are they (Apple) really saying?

And again, I don’t proclaim to know all the details surrounding the iPhone 4G so don’t get me wrong here – I’m merely raising a point of discussion.

But I believe when Apple, or anyone, uses the term iPhone 4G, I believe what is actually being referred to is the fourth generation iPhone, not an iPhone that has 4G mobile web browsing speed.

And because of this misleading terminology, I think there are a lot people out there who are being delivered a wrong and misleading marketing message.

Up until I wrote the HTC EVO 4G article, I never even considered the fact that Apple might actually just be referring to a fourth generation iPhone. I was always under the impression we were talking about an iPhone with 4G mobile web browsing speed.

What about you?

What do you think the ‘4G’ in iPhone 4G really means?

Have you always assumed that the 4G means 4G mobile web browsing speed?

Do you think Apple might be a bit misleading with the iPhone 4G concept?