Macy’s Markets Memorial Day Sales Using Interactive Ads

Some consider Memorial Day the official start to summer.  Retail marketers see Memorial Day as an opportunity to capture the attention and dollars of the millions of Americans who have the day off of work.

Many companies spend a week or two running a Memorial Campaign to specifically get people thinking about Memorial Day.  Loew’s for instance banks on the fact BBQ’s and outdoor activities are a signature Memorial Day pastime by offering discounts on grills and outdoor furniture the week or two leading up to the event.  Home Depot and Sears take similar promotional approaches driving people into their store or searching around online to look at Grills and other summer entertaining necessities.

When it comes to interactive marketing, however, Macy’s Memorial Day Campaign is one worth mentioning to online marketers alike. Yahoo and Pointroll have collaborated on an interactive marketing campaign to target female Yahool mail users with their active ads.  The campaign offered a balanced combination of behavioral, demographic, and geographic data thanks to Yahoo in combination with the local benefits of pricing data that PointRoll cound bring to the table.

Pointroll has worked with Yahoo on a number of campaigns over the years but it will be the first time they collaborated on behalf of Macy’s.  Female Yahoo Mail users ages 25 – 54 with an interest in online shopping and home decor can definitely expect to see an interactive ad display when scanning their inboxes in the days leading up to Memorial Day.  Whether or not the ads will be effective and pay off for Macy’s, we’ll only know once the weekend is over.  Nevertheless, Yahoo demographic data speaks for itself and PointRoll boasts steller stats that six out of every 100 PointRoll ads viewed is interacted with.

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