Sprint 4G Adds Kansas City To 4G Coverage Area

spring 4g kansas citySprint 4G Adds Kansas City To 4G Coverage Area

About 6 hours ago I got an email from Sprint announcing they added Kansas City, Missouri to their list of 4G coverage metro areas. I suppose this is a pretty big deal because I don’t recall receiving an email announcing an individual city within the past 4 weeks or so.

Kansas City 4G Coverage

I’m wondering first of all if anyone from Kansas City would mind chiming in and letting us know your experience with Sprint’s 4G coverage, speed, etc…

Secondly, I’ve read that in the areas where 4G is live, people are reporting that coverage can be a bit choppy at times but when 4G is up and running, it is ripping fast!

So why Kansas City?

Finally, I’m left wondering why Sprint is rolling out 4G coverage is moderately sized metro areas throughout the US?

Cities like Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Miami are still waiting for 4G coverage to arrive – yet a city like Kansas City gets 4G? ┬áReally?

What exactly is the logic behind this Sprint?

Why are you holding back 4G coverage from larger metro areas here in the United States?

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Is it just me, or has Sprint 3G service tanked the last couple of days. A plot to get people to convert, or a lack of bandwith?

You need to do some research before you ask "Why Kansas City?" The company has been here for over 50 years and was born here. It first used to be rural teleservices, then switched to telecom, then became the sprint we know today. Secondly, Sprint is the ONLY company that has this tech at the moment there are not multiple companies. There may be some cheap knock-off adapters but they really don't work.

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