Hot Tamales and Mike And Ike.

Hot Tamales and Mike And Ike.

Little did I realize when I turned 60 that I would be celebrating along with a very famous fellow and his older brothers.

Hot Tamales (one of my favorite filling extractors ) is celebrating its 60 birthday/anniversary, and its older brothers, Mike and Ike are celebrating their 70th.

Who could forget the trips to the theater and stopping off at the lobby refreshment stand to pick up a Coke, some popcorn, and a box of Hot Tamales or Mike and Ike?  And when I was a kid, you could get all three and the movie ticket for a quarter (That’s 25 cents!).

To celebrate the anniversaries, Just Born Inc. is bringing back vintage packaging for the treats in their limited edition “Sweet & Sizzle” displays.  The vintage packaging will bring back the brand’s history and the “old folk”s” memories for the whole summer.

According to the company, the candies will be boxed in 6 ounce packages, and that’s about the amount of Hot Tamales I like to chew at one time…and tear up with every chew… wondering why in the world would I want to torch my insides with this delicious “Hot” treat.

Just Born Inc, Bethlehem, Pa.
(800) 445-5787

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