Why Some Mom’s Work From Home

There’s been many a mom who’s said “As soon as the baby’s born I’m going back to work”, only to find that it isn’t as easy as they thought.  There are many reasons why some moms may choose to work from home and in this article we will talk about a few of them.

One of the biggest reasons is what you feel when you look in your child’s eyes.  You feel that you want to be with them and you choose not to put them into daycare.  Surprisingly, your child will probably dictate the type of work you do from home.  If you have babies or toddlers you will probably find phone work almost impossible to do, unless you do it in the evening.  If you have older children you may find doing phone work in the evening is quite hard and it works better during the day and summers, well, that’s always a hard one.

Another reason some choose to work from home is because many women realize that if they go work at a brick-and-mortar job they may end up paying to work instead of making money.  Once you take your income, subtract the taxes, the clothing, the food, the traveling and the daycare, you may find that it really isn’t worth the time you spend away from home.

Many of us also enjoy the flexibility and freedom that comes with working from home.  Many times, depending on what you do, you can choose your own schedule and make changes to it in order to do things that you need or want to do.

One thing that most women do not think about while they are making the decision but is definitely helpful is the ability to take certain tax deductions because you are working out of your home.  Ultimately, many women make much more at home than they could in the brick-and-mortar world.

Although this is a hard decision to make, once you make it, go forward with everything you have, get help from other work at home mothers by visiting different forums, and of course, enjoy your work and your children!

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