Sprint 4G Coverage Map Sucks, Really Sprint?

Sprint 4G Coverage Map Sucks

sprint 4g coverage map

First, go and check out Sprint’s 4G coverage map and take a look around:


Now, after a couple of minutes of trying to figure out what in the world you are looking at, maybe… just maybe, you figured out where the Sprint Devices with 4G tab is, and then you may have even clicked on it.

But if you click on it, you’ll notice that the Sprint 4G coverage map is all green or orange, yet the 4G coverage legend will show the areas in blue.

Well obviously, 4G coverage is not prominent throughout the US yet, so you have to zoom the map in considerably to try to see where the 4G coverage is. But since you don’t really know where the 4G coverage is (which is why you came to the map in the first place, to try and see where the 4G coverage is) you have to now grab and scan the map to find an area where 4G is covered.

But did you notice that the map, as soon as you zoom or grab and move, stays in “loading” status forever?

Yeah – Sprint’s 4G coverage map sucks at the moment!

Someone at Sprint needs to step up to the plate and put together a comprehensive 4G coverage map before I do it myself and steal all of your traffic!

You think I’m joking?