HTC EVO 4G Speed – Has Anyone Hit 10Mbps?

HTC EVO 4G Speed – Has Anyone Hit 10Mbps?

I’ve heard it said that Sprint’s 4G WiMax network is capable of hitting speeds up to 10Mbps (10 megs) of download speed on a mobile device such as the HTC EVO 4G.

That is a pretty aggressive number if you ask me, especially since the Charter cable internet in my house was only getting about 5 megs of speed just about a year or so ago.

So now I’m curious to know if anyone out there with their new HTC EVO 4G, and of course you’d have to be in a 4G coverage area, has been able to hit 10 megs download speed?

Use app

A great way for you to test your 4G – or really any mobile phone internet speed – is to get the app for your mobile device.

The app will test your download and upload speeds of your current mobile data speed.

For iPhone owners, just go the App store and search for “speed test”, and for Android owners, I’m not sure actually… you can probably just type into your mobile browser.

So anyway, I’m wondering if anyone is able to even come close to 10 meg download speed with their mobile phone?

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  1. Tommy Lee

    I got 16Mbps a couple of minutes ago.

    • SocialMediaSEO

      Hi Tommy – was that on a 4G network? If so, where? and what device are you using?

  2. Tommy Lee

    That was on Sprint 4G here in Raleigh using a Sony Betamax.

    • SocialMediaSEO

      Hi Tommy – I'm trying to compare 4G on a mobile phone, not a Sony Betamax.

      And like Billy said, I though 10mbps was the peak for 4G….???

      Are you sure your Betamax isn't on a something like DSL or cable?

  3. Billy B.

    I thought the theoretical limit of WiMax generation 1 was 10Mbps?

  4. Stan

    I'm in San Antonio, Texas. Texas as a whole seems to have very good Sprint 4G service. My laptop PC using a Sprint Overdrive can often get as high as 7 mbps, with an average speed of around 5 mbps. Using Linux Ubuntu that is.

    When I use Windows 7 or XP I seldom get over 4 mbps and usually around 3 mbps.

    I've had my Sprint Evo since Friday night. So far at least, I've never gotten more than 3 mbps when using 4G. Using 3G has never yielded more than 1.3 mbps. So, in theory, 4G on the Evo has been 3 times faster at peak speeds after a few days of usage testing.

    As for the theoretical 10 mbps obtainable, I have yet to meet anyone personally that has gotten much better than the 7 I've been able to get from time to time.

  5. Derrick

    Ive actually just hit 8 where i live… Ive had the phone since Friday and have had nothing but great success with the phones 4g capabilities (while living in Reading, PA) and have nothing but fast streams and not chop videos in high quality

  6. Tommy Lee

    I'm consistently getting 16-20Mbps on my Sony Betamax here in Raleigh. Sprint is testing their 8G network here, and apparently will be rolling it out to other markets in the fall. The 4G will only be around for a few months.

  7. paul

    played with my uncle's evo all weekend (he was visiting from san diego). he complained about speeds, but we theorized that speeds would be better in kansas city (sprint headquarters).

    not so. it rarely exceeded 1 mbps. not much faster than my blackberry pearl (which is PRE- 3G!)

    definitely slower than my crappy home DSL. so the evo will not replace my home internet connection, so i'm probably upgrading to a 3G blackberry, which PC world said was faster anyway (on AT&T network). dreams of going wireless & canceling the home phone are crushed.

    PC World tested evo in 6 cities, results were not great:

  8. Ed

    PCMag got 9.1 Mbps in Atlanta:

  9. Aldo

    Wow you simple f**k. I’m sure even you can be more clever

  10. Me

    Im in KC and ive gotten 6.3 down and 1 up.

  11. me

    Norwood MA. I just got 10.12 down and .87 up

  12. Dark Trader

    I am planning to trade my curve for the EVO today. I live in Brooklyn, NY

  13. Jay

    I hit 10.45Mbps down and 0.95 up – Fort Worth, TX

  14. Sheepstar2000

    I’ve hit 9.73 download and .98 upload and i live in a little town in utah haha. i love 4g coverage. but i actually get better 4g coverage at my house then i do in any of the “major” cities in utah

  15. Daniel

    I hit 11Mbs in downton Austin. Outside of that I peak at 8Mbs in my house, outside the city.

  16. David Fox

    I live in North Raleigh and 4.5-6.5mbit down/650-1200kbit up with my EVO, one bar of 4G coverage inside.

  17. Bowe79

    Here in Delaware I am getting 10.2mps down and 1.0 up


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