NCAA Shake-Up

Just when you thought you had gotten used to the BCS championships there’s another curve in the road.  It has been announced that the University of Nebraska will, more than likely, leave the Big 12 to join the Big 10.  This one move can change the entire face of college sports.

If Nebraska moves to the Big 10 it is said that Colorado will move to the Pac 10 along with Texas, Texas Tech, Texas A&M, Oklahoma State, and Oklahoma.  This would leave Kansas State, Kansas, Iowa State, Baylor, and Missouri in the Big 12 because they are not being recruited by any of the other leagues.  It’s hard to say what will happen to the Big 12 colleges that are left behind.

The main reasons the changes are coming about are to secure more television time and to add a championship game to the lineup.  Many of the colleges in the Big 12 are trying to save their league but they also know that if Nebraska moves they will need to consider their options, which most have already done.

The announcement will come on Friday, June 11th as to the final decision of Nebraska, the Big 10 conference, and the Nebraska Board of Regents.  There are some advantages for Nebraska, if they go to the Big 10, beyond money and television and that is that they will become an AAU institution which will increase their academic standings.

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