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2010 World Cup Time Difference & Time Zones

2010 World Cup Time Difference & Time Zones

2010 world cup start times

With the 2010 World Cup being held in Johannesburg, South Africa, it only makes sense that people all over the world are wondering the same thing – what are the time differences from the games and where I live?

This is a great question since not everyone knows instinctively the difference in time between where you live and Johannesburg, South Africa.

So that’s why I’m going to give you a nice little cheat sheet to use so you can quickly decipher the actual start times of your favorite country and team.

The time zone differences represented below are based on that particular city and the city’s associated time zone.

For example, Los Angele is Pacific Time Zone and New York is Eastern Time Zone, etc…

So here you go, see if the list below helps you in figuring out the actual start times for your favorite 2010 World Cup country and team:

Time Offsets South Africa | World During World Cup 2010

Austria (0)
Bulgaria (0)
Croatia (0)
Czech Republic (0)
Denmark (0)
England (-1)
France (0)
Germany (0)
Greece (+1)
Holland (0)
Italy (0)
Ireland (-1)
Latvia (+1)
Portugal (-1)
Russia (+2)
Scotland (-1)
Spain (0)
Sweden (0)
Switzerland (0)
Ukraine (+1)
Acra (-2)
Angola (-1)
Argentina (-5)
Auckland (+10)
Beijing (+6)
Cairo (+1)
Costa Rica (-8)
Dublin (-1)
Djibouti (+1)
Geneva (0)
Ghana (-2)
Hanoi (+5)
Hong Kong (+6)
Iran (+1.5)
Ireland (-1)
Jakarta (+5)
Japan (+7)
Johannesburg (0)
Korea (+7)
Kyev (+1)
Las Vegas (-9)
Lisbon (-1)
Lome (-2)
Los Angeles (-9)
Luanda (-1)
Malaysia (+6)
Mexico (-7)
Montreal (-6)
Moscow (+2)
New Delhi (+3.5)
New York (-6)
Orlando (-6)
Ottawa (-6)
Paraguay (-6)
Perth (+6)
Philadelphia (-6)
Port of Spain (-6)
Reykjavik (-2)
Rio de Janeiro (-5)
Saudi Arabia (+1)
Seoul (+7)
Shanghai (+6)
Singapore (+6)
Sydney (+8)
Tbilisi (+2)
Thailand (+5)
Toronto (-6)
Tunisia (0)
UK (-1)
Vancouver (-9)
Vienna (0)
Wellington (+10)
Winnipeg (-7)
Yamoussoukro (-2)

So find your closest city, or the city that represents your time zone, do a little bit of math and there ya’ go – you’ll have the actual start times for World Cup game you want to watch or follow.

Let me know if you have any questions…

4 replies on “2010 World Cup Time Difference & Time Zones”

I can't believe your time zones offset list didn't include a single location in the US Central time zone. Come to think of it, other US locations are not listed either. Is this a deliberate snub of US football/soccer fans?

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