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iPhone 4 Release Date, iPhone 4 Coming Early for Pre Order Customers?

iPhone 4 Release Date, iPhone 4 Coming Early for Pre Order Customers?

iphone 4 pre order release date

While talking with an AT&T representative today about the details on pre ordering the iPhone 4, the rep made a statement that really caught my attention. The statement made was this:

“If you pre order the iPhone 4 through the AT&T website, then the iPhone 4 will ship to the stores on or before June 24th.”

The before June 24th part of her statement really caught me off guard because much like all of you, I’ve been under the impression that the release date of the iPhone 4 would be June 24th, as stated in Steve Jobs’ keynote speech on the iPhone 4 announcement.

I wasn’t able to get the representative to clarify the on or before statement.

So if you pre order the iPhone 4 through the AT&T website, is it possible then to actually get the iPhone 4 before the “official” release date of June 24th?

Does anyone have any insight into this?

I’d have to also assume that if this is the case with pre ordering the iPhone 4 through the AT&T website, then it would also be true of pre ordering through the Apple Store website as well.

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Ship to store before 24th June doesn't mean that you will actually be able to collect it before 24th June.

It's probably going to ship soon enough that you will recieve it in your hands on the 24th. Much like ordering a new release DVD off of Netflix. If you order early enough, you'll recieve the disc the day it's "released."

They are going to be shipped to your home on june 24th. I got that from an att rep. in the store. It is a different structure this year, due to the value of customers waiting outside the stores on release date for 3gs.

from what i had been told by an ATT rep is that if you pre-order they simply put your name on one when they ship it, then, when the release date comes, there is for sure one set aside for you, last year the ATT store by me opened up 1hr early on the release date for pre-order customers only to pick up their phones, and the line of pre-order customers started forming only about 30 minutes before that.

I called a local store and the rep told me that AT&T is releasing training info on the iPhone 4 to them at 5:30 am pacific time, right when the preorder sales are supposed to open. I think we've all been told something different.

I talked to an AT&T rep today at one of their stores and they said that if you preorder they will ship it directly to your residence and that it will be "guaranteed" to get to you on the 24th. I also read an article that said they would be selling iphone 4's at Wal-Mart stores as well, hope this helps!

I read that ordering iPhone 4 through at&t will get it to you on the 25th and on apples web site will get it to you on the 24th. At an at&t store i was told that it would ship to your house and depending how high up on the list you it will hopefully be to your house on the 24th. Spring mobile told me they have a list that your put on and if they get enough iphone 4's on the 24th you get one. I honestly don't think they're is a specific answer to this.

I was told by att today I could pre-order as of 12:01 but so far i've not been able to get it online and the apple store is busy updating the store. I sure hope I can get one.

Its now 07:23 Still no pre Order, Im guessing 8am as this will make it 12am in Califorina were Apple HQ is.

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