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iPhone 4 Pre Order Now, iPhone 4 Release Date June 24th

iPhone 4 Pre Order Now, iPhone 4 Release Date June 24th

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It’s been a long night for some people as they’ve been waiting since 12am EST for the iPhone 4 pre order links to appear on the AT&T and Apple store websites. The iPhone 4 pre order links appeared on the AT&T website sooner than the Apple website by about 4 hours or so.

When iPhone 4 pre order hit AT&T’s website, there were several comments coming into this site about people having trouble completing the their order. They were saying that their computer screens were stuck in processing mode – some even reported that they simply walked away from their computers and went to bed, only to wake up with their computer screens in the same “processing” status.

AT&T and Apple in Full iPhone 4 Pre Order swing

Both AT&T and Apple’s website are now in full iPhone 4 pre order mode. You can pre order your iPhone 4 from the AT&T website and now from the Apple website.

iPhone 4 Release Date is June 24th

After talking with several AT&T reps about the logistics of getting your new iPhone 4, it seems like if you order your iPhone 4 through AT&T’s website, then you will have to come into a local AT&T store to pick it up. However, if you order through the Apple website, then you can have the iPhone 4 delivered directly to your house, or chose in store pickup.

Does anyone else have more information about the exact logistics in how you will get your iPhone 4 on June 24th?

Hopefully we can get comments from people who have ordered from both AT&T and Apple by now.

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I did not get no option to pick it up at no store, i ordered it from att&t and the only thing i saw whas my house address so they better be sending it to me cause i did not pick not store!!!

makes total sense that at&t would ship to your home instead of offering the store option. The only reason for STS is to pull in accessory sales – which at the Apple store at&t wouldn't benefit from.

I've been trying since 7:30 this morning and all I get is, "sorry your request cannot be processed at this time"…. Apple, surely you could of expected the heavy traffic and accommodated!

Well yeah when I reserved my iPhone 4 From the Att store they gave me the option to pick it up at the store or to have it shipped. But there systems where so slow it took about 30 min to even process all the information and place the order. But surely enough two and a half hours from arriveing I was all set

The AT&T site is currently down and the apple site just stares at me when I select add line to existing account. I agree, you would think they would have anticipated the heavy traffic and accomodated.

I just pre ordered it through apples website. I've been trying all day. It was about 10:45 p.m. when it finally went through. However…it said the ship date was July 2nd!! I hope that's not correct. It still beats getting in line, but what's the purpose of pre order if it's going to be a week or more later than the actual sale date?

I got the same july 2nd shipment date! is that just an estimate for the time being or is it the real shipping date.. it says expected to be july 6-8. Im sure I could have gotten one from the store before then!

K so I pre ordered my iPhone 4 on June 15… Everyone keeps saying it won't be delivered till the 25 or later but the store told me it would be delivered on the 24… I was 5th in line so I was one of the first to pre order… When will my iPhone really get to me? Any answer helps…

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