Playstation Plus Release Date, Sony Playstation Subscription Service

Playstation Plus Release Date, Sony Playstation Subscription Service

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Sony has announced an entirely new online experience for Sony Playstation users with their Playstion Plus subscription service. Playstation Plus is an add on subscription service to the existing Playstation Network, which has been free for quite some time. Playstation Plus is designed to be a premium service offered by Sony, and will allow PS3 owners early access to certain game demos, discounts, digital content, automatic updates, and other perks like the PlayStation lifestyle series Qore, according to CNET.  PlayStation Plus will cost $50 a year, or $18 per 3 month subscriptions. All of the content from Playstation Plus will be available and fully accessible so long as the users subscription is active. Finally, Playstation Plus’ release date is set for late June and you’ll get a free three-month trial of the Playstation Plus subscription service. According to Engadget, Sony is also indicating that Plus subscribers will be able to send voice messages to other gamers to invite them to play, even if they’ve made the foolish decision to not subscribe to Plus. So what do you think about Playstation Plus? Will be taking advantage of the free 3 month subscription trial toward the end of this month?

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Well it depends on your perception. So far the reviews for Sony PS3 + 3DTV are just awesome. Hopefully, Kinect will have this pleasure on their platform as well. The one thing that we don't like though is the new playstation plus network.

…The price for games today, is getting higher and higher.

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