Pre Order iPhone 4, AT&T Live – Apple Store Coming Soon (iPhone 4 Update)

Pre Order iPhone 4, AT&T Live – Apple Store Coming Soon (iPhone 4 Update)

I know for a fact that some people having been watching the AT&T website since midnight for the iPhone 4 pre order links to appear. These people have just been sitting there hitting F5….. F5…. F5….  And the same if true of the Apple Store webpage. I know this because I was one of those people until around 1am EST. But when I still didn’t see any links, I decided to hang it up and retire for the night.

It’s now 7am EST and I see the iPhone 4 pre order links on AT&T’s website, but the online Apple store is still under construction.

Visit AT&T’s online store to pre order iPhone 4

Visit Apple’s online store to see when iPhone 4 is ready

The “We’ll be back soon” post-it sticker has been the standard for Apple when they are rebuilding the store for a product launch. This means that a new product will be presented at Apple’s online store shortly.

And obviously, this new product that’s coming is the new iPhone 4 pre order.

Aside from pre ordering the iPhone 4 from AT&T’s website or from Apple’s online store, you can also pre order the iPhone 4 from Best Buy, Radio Shack, and Wal Mart. All of which should be available to you today for pre ordering the iPhone 4.

  • Jaydee

    AT&T's site says it's available for pre-order but when you log into your account and try to go about it, it doesn't offer the Iphone 4 at all, still only offering the 3gs

    • Jon L

      Having the same issue as you.

  • Joan

    It offered the 4 for me, but I haven't placed order yet. Mostly because I'd rather get it from Apple than AT&T.

  • dryden

    I am having the same trouble that Jaydee is…. It is saying 'pre-order now,' but then continues to offer every iPhone except the iPhone 4. I'm not exactly sure what is going on. I'm a premier account holder (business), but I'm not sure why it would fake-us out like that. AT&T generally can't keep their premier site up to date though, so it is no surprise. Any ideas on when, exactly, the white iPhone 4 is coming out? I can't decide if it is worth waiting for.

  • jeepers

    i preordered it from atnt. the only thing is that they dont offer the white iphone 4.

  • iPhonePhreak

    Go away you ugly yellow sticky note!

  • Tawhite

    My guess is that it won't be available until 5 AM pacific (8AM Eastern) time because that's when the normal apple telestore opens.

  • Anthony C.

    I got to order it on Apples site, but when I hit the confirmation button it said will be back shortly. Damn you APPLE!

  • Phil McCracken

    I ordered online from EBAY and they said it would ship today. Seems like a great idea although it is shipping 2 day air immediately from Nigeria. I think it is the best way to get it early.

  • Scott K.

    Just got one from the Apple site delivered to my closet store-sweet!

  • Chris

    Apple site allowed me to walk thru the steps but crashed while processing the information–site appears down (once again!).

    AT&T continues to only show 3G models…

  • buzzkiller

    obviously you motherfuckers don't read up on info saying that the white iphone 4 wont be available for launch until later in the summer. wow


    There was a problem with your request.

    P1015: We're sorry, but we are experiencing a system error that prevents us from completing your request. For non iPhone related upgrades, please call Customer Care at 1-888-867-4384 and provide the error number at the beginning of this message.

  • Chris

    Same as ATTSUX… Seems the glitch occurs when Apple attempts to check eligibility for upgrade via the AT&T account database…

  • Tim

    I have been trying over and over and am slowly getting a little further along

  • Kevin

    both sites just offered me the iphone 4 but no go with white