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White iPhone 4 Less Popular Than Black iPhone 4

White iPhone 4 Less Popular Than Black iPhone 4

white iphone 4 vs black iphone 4

There are obviously a lot of variables that go into the decisions that companies like Apple makes regarding marketing, product release, and iPhone 4 pre orders. We can’t assume anything less when it comes to the controversy with the white iPhone 4.

One of the big story lines today was how the white iPhone 4 was not available for pre order from AT&T or Apple’s website. A lot of people were upset at this decision because obviously, some people simply prefer the white iPhone 4.

So I went and did a bit of keyword research to see what is more popular, the white iPhone 4 or the black iPhone 4. And it really only took about a couple of seconds to see that clearly the black iPhone 4 is more popular than the white iPhone 4.

Here’s the keyword research comparing the black iPhone 4 vs the white iPhone 4:

white iphone 4 black iphone 4

The numbers above are the monthly average searches according to Google’s free keyword tool. And as you can see, the black iphone 4 is more popular than the white iphone 4.

Even when simply comparing white iphone to black iphone, the difference is substantially in favor of the black iPhone.

So with the black iPhone being more popular than the white iPhone 4, does that give us a little bit better understanding as to Apple’s reasoning in why they decided to offer only the black iPhone 4 for pre order today and leave out the white iPhone 4?

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Yup u can't lie about the numbers i mean if u really want 1 then just wait. Or you can always buy some high gloss white paint and just do it ur self. its a idea my self ill be getting the black ones.

This is not a good way at all to compare "popularity." It's not surprise that "black iphone 4" is on more pages because prior to the unveiling, it was not known that there would even be a white version. Also, the phone that was mistakenly left in the bar a couple of months ago was black.

I don't disagree that black version would be more popular (I think it just looks better), but there is no way it would be 10 to 1 like your search results. I would guess more like 3 to 1 or 4 to 1.

Also, guess what, if you do a search for "black iphone 4" you get roughly 250,000 results. "white iphone 4" nets over a million results. What do you make of that?


Regardless, I'm waiting for white and I've heard a whoollle lot of complaining going around the web so there's a lot of us out there. Maybe not as many as the black fans but that's no reason to ignore thousands of customers with cash in their pockets and stars in their eyes.

totally agree!!! I was going to pre order the phone today and it wasn't until today that I found out there would even be a white one! So I think just searching for it wouldn't be a good estimate. I talked to an apple rep online and let him know that I really would like to be able to pre order the white iphone online. He just said that it's "coming soon"…. so i dunno…..

False advertising, Apple! Since the unveil, they've had images of both black and white iPhone 4's on their site, implying that there WOULD be white ones available. "Christmas" arrives and I'm left feeling like there isn't really a Santa!!!
If they were going to do this retarded ish, they should have displayed only the black iPhone 4 on their site. It would be one thing if the option of getting a white iPhone were word of mouth…I'd accept it and I would have just gone ahead and pre-ordered the black one…..But they advertised it as such! I am very disappointed, and obviously I'm not the only one.

I agree… I mean, it would have even been understandable if they would have mentioned the fact that the white iphone wouldn't be available until when they decide to make it so, but to allow us to assume that it would be available June 15th for pre-order, then not have it available is very frustrating for those of us who had our hearts set on the white iphone 4. Ironically, the white iphone 3G that I've had for 2 years, mysteriously got wet the other night after I had already decided on getting a new iphone 4, but however, it must have had too much damage (I don't know how) and decided to quit working. I think I should just view this as an omen, and suck it up by getting a black one.

I didn't even care about upgrading to the 4, my husband is an Apple freak and it's all he could talk about. Once I heard I could get out of my contract early for an upgrade and saw the white I completely changed my mind. Now I can't get it until "soon", and that just sucks.

Black is definitely the more popular color but I agree with JRich that the keyword search result seems a little off.

Personaly, I’m waiting for the white iphone 4 because it will hide fingerprints and scratches a lot better. Fingerprints drive me crazy and I hate having to wipe my screen all the time. Add a glass back to the phone and that’s twice the wiping. At least with white, the fingerprints don’t pop out as much.

it is more obvious when you get scratches in it though… dirt will get trapped in the scratch until you clean it, even then it might not come out. Thats the problem I've run into with my white iphone 3G, but maybe that "new" glass will be more resilient to scratches then the screens of it's predecessors, and it should be way more durable than that of the plastic backing on them as well.

I am just disgusted with apple. All of this time I was waiting to go online and give them 300 of my hard earned dollars for the white iphone 4 I wanted. The time comes and surprise, no white iphones. The black one is ok, but it just does not readily stand out in your hands as the latest iphone. If you want people to instantly recognize that you are sporting the new iphone 4 in your hands, you need to go with the white one.

My first impression when I saw that they were selling only the black iphones was that someone in Apple goofed and ordered too many black iphones, and that they were trying to get rid of the less desirable black iphones before they offered the white iphone 4’s for sale.

But Apple beware, if you don’t offer the white iphone 4 I want today, I may just take my money and go upgrade to another phone from one of your competitiors.

I could not agree with you more. I waited up til the 4am pre-ordering began to purchase 2 of the white iphones. I was on both ATT and Apples website at 4:01am. I was mad that I had missed sleep waiting to be able to pre-order. Enough with Apples manipulating ways Google Phone here I come. ATT also was also trying to steer people out of their unlimited data packages by not making it an available option at check out.

that's a rather small sample size to conclude that the black one is more popular than the white one. and also, how long did you spend gathering the data?

a more reliable criteria to conclude that one color is more popular than the other would be that of actual sales numbers as opposed to some generalized keyword search term.

MMM- Well when you spend about an average of 250$ on a product, which takes me about 14-15 hours to make, then yeah, I would like to pick the color. Thats 15 hours of work that Im giving away so you better believe I would like to pick the color.

I couldn't decide on white or black and did a search and found 3 sites with surveys asking the same question. Interestingly all 3 had more votes for white. I don't think the number of hits is any indicator. Even sales numbers won't be accurate as the white iPhone 4 isn't initially being offered.


The color of your iPhone is about as “superficial” as choosing the color of the car you’re going to buy. The thing to note here is you have two choices to select from, not one. Exercise your right to choose or go troll somewhere else.

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