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iPhone 4 Pre Order, July 2nd New Ship Date for iPhone 4 Pre Orders

iPhone 4 Pre Order, July 2nd New Ship Date for iPhone 4 Pre Orders

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If you are still rushing to pre order your iPhone 4 so that you are guaranteed a hands on date of June 24th, you might want to put on the brakes and take a read.

The Apple store website has updated their information and the iPhone 4 ship date has been updated to read “Ships by July 2nd”. And that is the same for both the 16GB and the 32GB iPhone 4 pre orders.

The AT&T and Apple chaos that unfolded today with the pre order of the iPhone 4 has caused a lot of people to actually hate AT&T even more than they did before. And for those who have been waiting, and perhaps even staying up going on 24 hours now, only to see that the ship date for pre orders has been pushed to July 2nd are not very happy campers right now.

There was even a rumor earlier today of a July 10th iPhone 4 ship date. This came from someone who sent me a message telling me they just left an AT&T store and was told that the iPhone 4 may not actually arrive until as late as July 10th.

But the July 2nd date is solid since this is what is actually printed on the Apple store website.

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This is bullshit … I must have tried no less than 50 times throughout the day to pre-order iPhone 4 to have it arrive June 24th. Now I finally get through the entire process only to see a ship date of July 2nd. If I wanted to wait until July 2nd I wouldn't pre-order the damn phone. This entire process was a fiasco from the beginning early this morning… I am extremely disappointed in Apple and AT&T for how things went down today.

Same here, I kept trying and trying and finally got through to a July 2 ship date. I was stupid, thinking I'd lose the phone in my cart kinda like ticketmaster if I waited too long, and didn't read up on this first. I might've just skipped pre-ordering. :(

i got mine as a june 24 ship date.. had to wake up at 6 am and continue to refresh and re-open the apple store over and over until i could get my order to go through, very large fiasco. Many people are upset, it's all a ploy to get you into the stores on the 24th to buy your iphone and all the extras to go with it.

I'm not entirely sure why people are complaining. It's like going to the store on Black Friday an hour after it opens for that awesome laptop you wanted, but they are sold out at that point. This is a normal part of supply and demand. I tried for hours on the ATT&T and the Apple website with no luck getting through so I went and stood in line at 9:00am at the ATT&T store when they opened, and I got one. If you really want something, take the initiative to do it early and in person…

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