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Motorola Cliq could get Android 2.1 in July

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If you happen to own the Motorola Cliq and are waiting for Android 2.1 your wait could be over. According to Tmonews the Motorola Cliq will get Android 2.1 in the beginning of July. At the moment their are no details of what the update will include as far as features go. Some blogs are expecting the Motorola Cliq to get the same version of “Motoblur” that runs on the Motorola Flipout. Below is a promo video showing off some of the features of the new version of “Motoblur” for the Motorola Flipout. Also below is a list of all the Motorola Android based handsets that are going to receive Android 2.1 from Motorola’s website. Showing that the Motorola Cliq,Cliq XT & Blackflip are expected to get Android 2.1.

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