USA vs Ghana – Ghana Scores in Extra Time – Now 2-1 Ghana

usa ghana extra time world cupUSA vs Ghana – Ghana Scores in Extra Time – Now 2-1 Ghana

The USA is now in trouble during the extra time of the USA vs Ghana soccer match. The World Cup is watching perhaps one of the most exciting matches during the 2010 World Cup match.

The race toward the golden shoe just got a lot harder for US soccer team. As the game is now in extra time, is it realistic to expect the US to come back 2 goals for the win?

The defense looked strong as Ghana approached the goal, however, the shot seemed uncontested and the score was made.

The US team came into the match with the right attitude – expecting to gain on the momentum that was earned during the last match.

Here we are in the 94th minute and US will be taking a corner kick.

The tension is building – and the question is, does the US have enough gas to get the ball in the goal.

The US is attacking though, and it is clear that the US has the motivation and energy to win this match.  They are determined, and history will show that the US is capable of coming back in miraculous fashion.