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USA vs Ghana – Live Twitter Online Stream (#usa #worldcup #ghana)

usa vs ghana live twitter streamUSA vs Ghana – Live Twitter Online Stream (#usa #worldcup #ghana)

USA vs Ghana face off today at 2:30pm EST in a World Cup match that has caught the attention of the entire world. The USA soccer team has made it to the final 16 and has already far exceeded the expectations of everyone. Nobody really thought the USA soccer team would make it past the initial round of the 2010 World Cup – but here they are, ready to face Ghana in the final 16.

The web is already buzzing with the USA vs Ghana match and I wrote early about where you can watch USA vs Ghana live online.

So now I’ve put together a live Twitter stream for the USA vs Ghana match that will take place today. Below you’ll be able to watch what the Twitter world is saying during the USA vs Ghana match – watch the live Twitter stream below.

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Use the following hashtags:  #usa #worldcup #ghana

Here’s the live Twitter stream of the USA vs Ghana soccer match: