LeBron James Becomes a Miami Heat, Forgoes Knicks

LeBron James Becomes a Miami Heat, Forgoes Knicks

The decision is final – LeBron James will be heading to South Beach to become a member of the Miami Heat. Lebron will join NBA all stars Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh in an effort to finally make it to the NBA finals and come away with a championship ring.

With Lebron joining the Miami Heat, he obviously had to turn down all the other teams that were pursuing him. The New York Knicks were ready to offer Lebron the most money; the Cleveland Cavaliers were also ready to give Lebron the max salary cap that the NBA will allow.

Obviously, LeBron is after an NBA championship and money is not the main driving force.

As LeBron said during his one hour show on ESPN, if he was interested in money he would have gone with some other team. Miami gives LeBron James the best chance to win a championship, so now Lebron heads to South Beach!