Kristi Lynn Gibson Photo, Bret Michaels Clears Up Engagement Rumors

kristi lynn gibson bret michaels

There were rumors floating around that Bret Michaels and his long time girlfriend Kristi Lynn Gibson were finally going to get engaged. This rumor was initiated a few days ago when tabloids starting writing about how Michaels “popped the question to his on-and-off girlfriend Kristi Lynn Gibson”.

However, that all got cleared up today when Bret Michaels appeared on CBS’s Early Show and answered the question directly about these rumors. This was his response:

“No. We are not engaged yet, We’re a work in progress.”

So that leaves the question out there about the ring that is on Kristi Lynn Gibson’s hand?

And to that Bret Michaels replied,

“a promise ring … a friendship ring, with benefits. That’s what we call it.”

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