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Verizon Schedules A 4G System Upgrade This Sunday

verizon wireless 4g

Verizon employees are claiming to have received emails that details a systems upgrade that makes it possible to activate 4G devices on the Verizon network, according to BGR.

From one the emails directly, here is a quote:

“The ESN/MEID field will be changed to Device ID effective Sunday to prepare for 4G devices coming on.”

Apparently Verizon is sensing the need to offer 4G devices as carriers such as Sprint are already forging ahead in this market space.

Is this the beginning of a process that could ultimately end in a Verizon iPhone 4G device?

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sprints 4g is garbage they need to expand coverage for the 3g service they have now and add towers, how the hell can they put 4g out now when they dont have enough towers in all of Florida. sold the EVO4g on Ebay 2500.00 no signal strength or 4g in west palm beach / wellington west

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