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How Comfortable Is AT&T With Android, Samsung Captivate?

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One thing is for sure, AT&T has had a celebration of data phone dominance over the past several years with the iPhone. But now it appears that Apple will be moving on from AT&T and taking their iPhone to carriers like Verizon and perhaps even Sprint or T-Mobile. The world without iPhone dominance is creating a new dynamic for AT&T, and it’s one they haven’t ever experienced before.

In the past, the iPhone was it!

Many other phones would come and go, even the Blackberry helps sustain AT&T. But nothing compares (or compared) to the iPhone on AT&T’s exclusive network. It was and will always be the ultimate business deal made in heaven for AT&T.

Now AT&T is making their move into the Android smartphone market. They are starting to build up a diverse lineup of Android devices like the Nexus One, and the HTC Aria.

And today, AT&T released the Samsung Captivate which is now their third Android powered device.

Android’s mobile OS is a new world for AT&T. But I think AT&T realizes it’s a mobile OS they have to embrace – they don’t really have a choice anymore.

However, Android is not going to be embraced with as much passion as the iPhone. But from a business standpoint, AT&T needs to detach emotionally from the iPhone and look at the business side of things.

Android devices have been saturating the mobile market place faster than any other mobile platform, even faster than the iPhone. It you’re a mobile phone carrier, you can’t really afford to ignore this fact.

AT&T now finds themselves in a position where they have to start embracing and accepting Android devices, or fall to the way side of competitors like Sprint and Verizon.

AT&T’s relationship with Android is surely going to be an interesting story to follow, so make sure you stay tuned.

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