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The iPhone Race – Will Verizon or T-Mobile Get It First?

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AT&T’s exclusivity deal with Apple that allows them to dominion over the iPhone is expected to come to an end this year (2010), and the rumor rumor mill is churning over which carrier will be the first to launch their own branded iPhone.

Here’s where the iPhone race stands at the moment – the T-Mobile iPhone is rumored to be coming in November of this year. And as recent as June 30th, the Verizon iPhone is reported to be coming in January 2011.

One thing’s for sure, whichever carrier can the build the best brand reputation (other than AT&T) for selling and servicing iPhone customers will certainly benefit substantially in their long term leverage with iPhone profits.

Once the iPhone finally opens up to other carriers, the battle for iPhone brand is sure to be brutal, and the gloves will be coming off as the carriers fight for that brand.

Currently, T-Mobile might have an advantage over Verizon because T-Mobile is a GSM carrier just like AT&T.

What are your thoughts on who will most likely be the first carrier other than AT&T to launch the iPhone?

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