Google Jukebox – What In The…

I noticed that there is a rising trend in search for the phrase Google Jukebox. My initial thought was, wow… there must a music a new Google music sharing or downloading site coming out called Google Jukebox.

But when I started searching the phrase digging around a bit, I realized there isn’t really anything out there on Google Jukebox.

So what in the world sparked this sudden interest in Google Jukebox since there really isn’t any news releases, announcements, or anything else about it?

Can anyone shed some light here?

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  1. Nick

    On Steve Byrne’s Comedy Central special, the Byrne Identity, he was talking about how certain product names sound racist. He started saying there used to be a product Google Jukebox when iTunes came out, but that was too long so they shortened it, and the shortened name was a racist slur for Asians. They censored the joke so people are probably trying to find the name.

  2. Todd

    I’ll second that. That’s how I got to this page. Still not sure what word he said that got bleeped. Guess I’ll have to buy the album to find out.

  3. Phil

    Yep, that's why i'm looking for it.

  4. Jack

    Me too, I googled it for exactly the same reason. I actually wanted to read the wikipedia entry and see why it never caught up.

  5. IKnowItAll

    It’s Gookbox Gook is offensive towards Asians

  6. Kaiskai

    it is because of a comedian steve byrne that makes a joke about it being renamed some sort of racial term that gets bleeped out on tv.

  7. Alli

    ditto! i am searching it because of steve byrne. i didn’t know that gook was a slang for asian people, whatevs! he’s funny


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