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Android Now Has More Users Than iPhone

So are you still one of those people who think the iPhone is untouchable in the US market?

Perhaps you are an Apple fanboy who refuses to acknowledge the existence of any other device on the planet.

But let me show a chart here that you might want to take note of.

Android now has more subscribers than the iPhone.

Here’s the chart that shows the growth of Android:

android iphone growth

Android is the green line and iPhone is the black line.

Notice how over the past 6 months, Google Android’s platform has shown exponential growth of new subscribers while the iPhone OS is decreasing, or at least running flat, with new subscribers.

However, what this graph does not show is customer loyalty.

The Nielsen report that provided the chart goes on to say that “among current subscribers thinking of switching” mobile phones, 90 percent of iPhone owners remain loyal to the handset. The report said that 21 percent of Android owners and 29 percent of BlackBerry users have considered switching to the iPhone.

So although Google Android OS new subscribers is growing quickly compared to the iPhone, customer loyalty and brand dominance seems to remain squarely with the iPhone.

If you think about it, this makes sense.

The iPhone is really the device that has set the trend, both in design and functionality, for all other mobile / data phones to follow.

So what do you think about these numbers and about Google Android subscribers outpacing iPhone subscribers?

source: NY Times blog

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also the chart fails to mention that there is how many phones running the OS? while iphone is still a stand alone. so no wonder why there is so many. so yes this

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