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NASDAQ:AAPL – Apple Shares Ahead of NASDAQ in August

nasdaq aapl apple shares month of august

Apple shares have been able to rise above the overall tech sector so far in the month of August.

The NASDAQ (NASDAQ:.IXIC) is currently at 2,178.95, -19.28 (-0.88%) for the month.

Apple share (NASDAQ:AAPL) are currently at 249.88, +4.3 (1.75%).

I see one definitive reason as to why Apple is staying way ahead of its competitors, and it all has to do with the iPad.

While all other competitors are preparing to launch their first iPad competitor, Apple is getting ready to launch it’s next iteration of the iPad – the 7 inch iPad.

I would call this the 3rd generation iPad actually.

We first saw the iPad Wi-Fi only version.

Then came the iPad Wi-Fi + 3G version.

And now we are about to have the iPad 7 inch tablet.

Again, it’s a good indication of why Apple is rising above the tech sector as whole.


via Google Finance

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